85b – Taboo Tradeoffs, Aftermath 3: Distance

Sometimes there are no second chances

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SFX: Phoenix Cry 1 & 2


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10 Responses to 85b – Taboo Tradeoffs, Aftermath 3: Distance

  1. Lichtbringer says:

    I demand a special episode with her answer to your proposal! ;-)

  2. Nice proposal!! The rest of the episode was delighting, too.

  3. izarfon says:

    Great proposal, +1!

  4. MartectX says:

    So… Amelia Bones, eh? Godspeed, you two!

  5. M. A. Clark says:

    What a lovely proposal! Best wishes to both of you. :-)

  6. Rafinius says:

    You chose one of the best episodes to insert your proposal. I hope all the best for the both of you.
    On a different note, now that you are nearing to the end of the written archives, how about you also record that alternate version of this chapter written by LinkHyrule5? www fanfiction net/s/8804070/1/Innocence

  7. Flora or Hestia Carrow says:


  8. jgf1123 says:

    A bit late, but I wish you two the best.

  9. Khitchary says:

    I just listened to this again today and I have to say, it makes me cry everytime.

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