Nineteen Neighty-Four (part 1 of 2)

Seeds of Insurrection

As mentioned in the episode – Floornight, by nostalgebraist.

Original Text

SFX: Cheer (large), Cheer (small), Projector, Fanfare, Conga, Vinyl ScratchDoor Knocks, Pencil on Paper, Door Slam, Glass Fill, Glass Splash, Bucket Splash, Furniture Crash, Punches

(Nineteen Neighty-Four pt1) Production Notes

I wanted to get a very raspy, post-apocalyptic dystopia voice for the narration of this episode. Fortunately I’ve had some prior experience in how to do that, but it required some help from friends. First, I gathered a lot of them in a confined space and we all talked loudly for many hours, in order to put a lot of prolonged stress on my vocal cords. While doing that I drank a fair bit of alcohol, to really dehydrate me and get that authentic “Water is a scarce resource” sound. And I even choked down a couple cigarettes, to really rough up the airways. Finally I went to bed and slept several hours, to let all the abuse settle in and develop into that hoarse, dying sound.

This was in no way a party. Not even a little bit. At all.

Yeah ok, I threw a party. But I timed it to coincide with the recording of this episode, cuz I knew the effect it has on my voice the next day. #ForTheArt.


In other news, Phil and Kaja Foglio of Girl Genius are the NICEST PEOPLE EVER. Not only did they agree to record a few lines for some random con-goer’s podcast that they’d never heard of, BUT after he fucked up and had to come back a couple hours later begging them to do it again, they graciously did so!!! OMG SO HAPPY! And they were so cool about it all! Come Jan/Feb when all the updates are finalized and uploaded, their voices will be included!

(Essays 3) Production Notes

I never know which essays to pick when I do these episodes. There are soooo many of them, and they are all just spectacular. I don’t have any plans to do them all, partly because there’s so many, partly because some of them wouldn’t translate into audio very well (diagrams and such), and partly because quite a few of them are already available (for a small fee). So I’m trying to just pick a few that aren’t a great inferential distance away from an average listener that hasn’t read the Sequences, hopefully ones that such a listener would find enjoyable and interesting enough to maybe go and find the Sequences and read them for themselves. I’m never sure if I’ve done a very good job of that or not.

(Trust In God pt2) Production Notes

Yup, Evangelion is the reason I associate apocalyptic quasi-religious anime with old crooner love songs.

Note: I’ll be at the Denver Less Wrong Meetup on Weds Oct 15th, 6:30pm, at Strange Grounds. I’ve been meaning to go to a LW Meetup for a long time, and with one being hosted almost in my backyard by a friend I just plum ran out of excuses. Come hang out with us!

I really like the ending to Trust in God. I’ve never been a fan of “The End” endings. I prefer mine to feel like jumping-off points. IMHO the best ending is one that can be summarized as “and after that nothing was ever the same again.” It leaves an entire world wide open and alive and rich. I keep hearing that the ending of Snow Crash was terrible, but I never would have figured that out on my own. To me it was a perfectly fine ending. I’m very much of the opinion that nothing ever ends, except maybe when you die, and even then it only ends for you.

Request for help: I’m wracking my brain and flogging google trying to find a story, but I’m not having any luck. I figured I’d try here. A few years ago I read a short story about a company that requires its employees to work sealed off from the outside world, to preserve trade secrets. The employees also install a memory lock in their brains, which prevents them from remembering anything that happens in the workplace when they are not at work. These two coworkers really loathe each other, but they don’t know each other outside of work. By happenstance they meet out in the real world and start dating. Shenanigans ensue when they meet in the office again and realize who they are. Worse, one of them is already in a relationship with a different coworker, but of course no one remembers that outside the office. I recall enjoying it quite a bit, maybe someone will have read this and can remember what the story is called, or some way to find it? Or knows someone who may?