(122b) Production Notes

To everyone who has been saying thanks for the podcast on the last episode’s comments – Thank YOU! :) You guys are great, and I feel awesome all over that there are people who enjoy the audio version. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to each one personally, but I was worried about that clogging up the comments? Even though, you know, it’s not that big a deal anyway, there’s not a ton there. I dunno, I just feel weird. Anyway, thanks again!

To everyone who has contributed to the podcast with a voice, or music, or in some other way – I’m having a mini wrap party at my place on Jan 9th. I’ve invited those people I know are in the area, but – if you are out of state, AND by some miracle you’ll be in the Denver area on Jan 9th, AND should you have the evening free and would like to come meet me and some of the other voice actors in person – please drop me a line (same email address the voice recordings/music were sent to) and I’ll invite you as well. :)

To those wanting to know what’s next for the podcast, news will be forthcoming soon.

(122a) Production Notes

I had to take liberties again in this episode, because I have no idea how to translate “…” into audio. Which is unfortunate, because I LOVE “…” in text.

I could be wrong, but as far as I know using “…” as dialog was first introduced in JRPG imports such as the Final Fantasy series. It’s perfect, because anyone who reads a lot knows exactly the emotion that it conveys. The only problem is that it isn’t a word, it’s punctuation.  And as a narrator, you aren’t allowed to read punctuation. It sounds stupid. No one says “exclamation point!”, and no one should say “ellipses” or (if ya ain’t as high-falutin’) “dot dot dot”. In Chapter 20 I just left a long pause. But that wasn’t an option here, as it was both explicit dialog, and quoted in the response.

So I made do with a narrative description that I hope best captured what “…” was implying in this particular case. It’s inelegant, but I couldn’t think of a better option.

120 & 121 – Something to Protect: Draco Malfoy & Something to Protect: Severus Snape

New Beginnings

Original Text

SFX: Door Open, Door Knocks, Doorbell

Music: Take Me Somewhere Nice, by MogwaiSomewhere Over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole; Pure Death, from Hellsing Soundtrack