(3WC pt8) Production Notes

(minor spoilers for chapter 8)

One of the things I most enjoy about working with others is being surprised by their interpretations of lines. This doesn’t happen that often, generally text isn’t very ambiguous. But every now and then a line that I just read matter-of-factly can take on a whole new meaning with a difference in tone. The most recent example that springs to mind is the Engineer’s line from Chapter 7, “I think we can conclude that this operation is going to be… successful.” I hadn’t thought much about it, and Jai’s delivery hit me out of the blue. It had a deep regret about it, a dread to use that word when describing the destruction of his home planet. I don’t want to dwell on this one example, as all the actors were great and it happened a few times, but that I hadn’t seen that when I read it made it really stick with me. It’s finding things like this that makes these projects so much fun.

Also, thanks again to Locusts of Egypt! They’re a local band in Denver that a coworker introduced me to. Everyone knows someone who knows someone in a band. Small, local groups that make music because they love to do so, while holding down regular full-time jobs. Ask around, and then go see them. It’s a lot of fun, it’s a bonding experience, and often you’ll find some great musicians that you’d never have heard otherwise. Plus, they’re much more likely to let you use one of their songs for background music in your own projects when they know you as a fan and you already have good rapport. :)

(3WC pt6&7) Production Notes

Fun Fact: The last line of part 6 was not in the original story. Eliezer added it afterwards as part of a response to a reader comment. That’s one of the great things about non-traditional publishing. :)

Another Fact (probably not as Fun): “Huygens” is very likely being pronounced incorrectly. If the source for the name is what I think it is, then it should be pronounced like this. However with a half a dozen actors saying it, scattered across the country and separated in time, I decided it’d be best to go with the Americanized bastardization for consistency and ease.

(3WC pt5) Production Notes

Just a quick note – the file of available roles (and the full list of their lines) has been updated! If you want to contribute a voice to HPMoR, anything from an anonymous single-line to a minor character with a few paragraphs, now’s the time. See the Voicing A Character page for details and tips.

If you haven’t heard Hands Around My Throat in full, the tiny snippets in this episode really don’t do it justice. I love the way the song builds. It starts with a single instrument, which repeats for several measures. Then it layers the next one on top, and both play for several measures. Then the next one. Then the next one. And so on. It’s a great build up. I don’t think I ever would’ve heard it if not for the Animatrix Soundtrack, which I happened to get for free as a promotion. Huzzah for serendipity!

(3WC pt4) Production Notes

SPOILERS for the current chapter! (Part 4: Interlude With The Confessor)


One of the roles in this story was offered to a friend who initially accepted, but then turned it down after reading the story. She felt that Eliezer was portraying rape in a manner that implied there was nothing wrong with it, and didn’t want anything to with the project. This was my reply to her (slightly edited).

I don’t want you to have the wrong idea about Eliezer, so to pass along his explanation in brief – he once wrote that if our ancestors from even a few hundred years ago had been able to see what their children had wrought, they would be horrified. What we call Civil Rights they would call destroying the social order – allowing the vote to the lowest classes of humanity and thereby reducing governance to pandering to the lowest common denominator. We’ve allowed jews to take over large parts of our entertainment and financial sectors, and allowed a member of the slave race to become president! Sexual depravity is rampant, with everyone indulging their carnal desires with no regard for any decent morality. And perhaps worst of all, we’ve abandoned God and consigned our souls to hell and our time on earth to a living hell of satanic evil. (On a personal note, my mother locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out for three days after I told her I was an atheist, so that one hit kinda close to home).
He conjectured that it’s entirely likely that if our ancestors had been able to see what we would become, they could decide it would be better for the human race to be wiped out than for such a disgusting travesty be allowed to take place. When writing 3WC he wanted to find a way to convey that feeling to his audience, that sort of disgust and repulsion. This was what he came up with. It’s not an endorsement of rape any more than Dexter is an endorsement of methodical, clinical murder.
I do understand your position though. I was unable to continue watching Dexter past the second episode, and I wouldn’t want to actively participate in it either.

(3WC pt3) Production Notes

I decided to put the credits at the front for this episode (and will for several others as well) to serve as a reminder of which voice is associated with which role. In HPMoR there are a number of distinct voices that reappear constantly, and after 100+ episodes I no longer tag every line with the speaker (McGonagall, Snape, Draco, Dumbledore, etc). I’m not sure that 3WC has been going long enough to cement actor’s voices with specific characters… but maybe? On the one hand, I have no trouble telling them apart, and I don’t want to cut up the dialog too much with unnecessary “said the pilot” tags. On the other hand, I know almost all of these people personally so I’m very familiar with their voices already, plus I’m the one who picked them for the role so the link is very strong in my mind. I think I make a particularly terrible judge of how much tagging is needed. So I introduced the Dramatis Personae. Hopefully that will help.

Speaking of which, I was appalled by how that’s pronounced. I’d always thought it ended with a “-nye” sound, not a “-nee” sound. I’m glad I looked it up, but man does it grate on my ears. :/ I’ve been surprised by a few pronunciations in the past, but they never hurt before.

In next episode’s news (no spoiler) – it looks like there isn’t an accepted pronunciation of “anti-agathics” yet. So I get to use the one I think sounds best, and try to sway history to my side. The power!!! ;)