(84b) Production Notes

Sorry to everyone who tried to download the episode in the early morning – the host servers experienced a power outage. Happily, things are back up and running now.

In the first take of the humming scene, I had attempted to match the audio somewhat to what was being described. Slowing at first, altering the pitch to sound awful for a few words, generally sounding chaotic. However the effect upon listening was really poor. It sounded like a series of audio effects, and didn’t really convey what the auror was being subjected to. There was no way for such a brief scatter-shot approach to even partially convey an attack which relied on incessant wearing over hours of time. I re-did it with a straight reading, relying again on the superior imaginations of my listeners. :) I did eventually keep one small pause near the beginning, just to give a small taste of the frustration of an expectant pause. Hopefully it added a little spice without destroying the section the way my initial attempt had.

(82) Production Notes

Last week I took the week off work so I could stay home and put 40 hours into finally finishing the re-edit and polishing of earlier chapters. At last it is done! Chapters 1-9 have been redone in their entirety. Chapters 10-20 have been gone over with sandpaper and a noise filter. And every single chapter has had large sections of my poor voice work removed and replaced with valiant voice volunteers, giving a distinctive sound to many characters. Never again will anyone have to suffer through my McGonagall or Weasley Twins. Chapter 50′s Padma is now done by Amanda Grassello. In fact, over a dozen voices from early episodes have been upgraded, also including:
Ernie Macmillan
Anthony Goldstein
Auror Komodo
The Carrow Twins
Madam Hooch
Morag MacDougal
Gregory Goyle
Pansy Parkinson
Lucius Malfoy
Neville Longbottom

And of course there are still some roles available, see here if you’re interested.

*(I realize a couple lines are off… I hadn’t gotten them recorded, and for completeness I substituted a place-holder that means something very similar. These will be replaced with the correct wording in a couple weeks)