Red Legacy

At Any Cost

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Credits (in order of appearance):
Alexia – Ella Barrett
Ivan – Steven Zuber
MI6 Agent – Brian Jones
Uri Pushkin – Mike Ellis
Technician – Drewy Nucci
Guards – Peter Sartucci & Quincy Allen
Natasha – Cedra

Music & FX found here and here

Instruments of Destruction


Witness the firepower of this… almost… fully operational battle station…

Original Text

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Interview – Alexander Wales (The Metropolitan Man)

Interview with the author

Alexander Wales’s other fiction is here
in particular – Glim Warden

As always seems to occur, I forgot to ask a question. This time it was “Does the title refer to Superman, or Lex?” Alexander says it is intentionally ambiguous. “My position is basically that a title should be like one of those magic eye things where it can look different depending on your perspective.” :)

The Conscientious Objector” by Major Walter Guest Kellogg
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