An End To Suffering

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Author’s Notes (some spoilers)

Credits (in order of appearance):
Lucius – Drake Walker
Scientist – Venesssa

SFX: Push bar, swing, janitor bots, footsteps, maglev, maglev door, urinating, AC hum, captive bolt pistol A + B, action movie

Intro/Outro – Madness, by Muse
The Casting Out of Adam – Sail, by AWOLNation
War For Hell – Ghost Love Score, by Nightwish
The Parables of Ken Thompson – Sound of Silence, Disturbed cover, karaoke version
Return to God – Komm susser Tod, by Arianne, Sagisu, Anno, & Wyzgowski

Red Legacy

At Any Cost

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Credits (in order of appearance):
Alexia – Ella Barrett
Ivan – Steven Zuber
MI6 Agent – Brian Jones
Uri Pushkin – Mike Ellis
Technician – Drewy Nucci
Guards – Peter Sartucci & Quincy Allen
Natasha – Cedra

Music & FX found here and here

Instruments of Destruction


Witness the firepower of this… almost… fully operational battle station…

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Interview – Alexander Wales (The Metropolitan Man)

Interview with the author

Alexander Wales’s other fiction is here
in particular – Glim Warden

As always seems to occur, I forgot to ask a question. This time it was “Does the title refer to Superman, or Lex?” Alexander says it is intentionally ambiguous. “My position is basically that a title should be like one of those magic eye things where it can look different depending on your perspective.” :)

The Conscientious Objector” by Major Walter Guest Kellogg
the /r/rational/ subreddit

(MM17) Production Notes

And we’re done!

One day before this was set to go live I decided that I wasn’t happy with the backing music I’d used. So there’s a version of this chapter on my hard drive that uses Mars by Gustav Holst for the Superman scene, and Etude No. 2 + For The Damaged Coda for the Lois scene. Mars was too intense throughout, rather than building, and didn’t end quite right. And For The Damaged Coda, while beautiful and exactly the mournful I wanted, was still waaaaaaay too recently popularized by Rick & Morty, making the whole scene just feel derivative due to the music choice. So I spent most of Tuesday freaking out and trying to fix that. Thankfully I was recently given a spotify playlist that had Nunc Dimittis on it (thanks Brienne!) and an ex-Catholic friend that pointed me not just at Requiem, but which parts in particular would work well (thanks Vivian!). So – whew! What a day!

The Full Book (at 7.5 hours) is also available at the main Metropolitan Man Table of Contents page.

I feel so unutterably torn about how Metropolitan Man ended. I was originally going to talk about that here, but I recently recorded the interview with Alexander Wales that’ll be airing in two weeks, and we talked about in that, so I’ll just let that wait until that comes out. :) Thank you again to everyone who helped contribute to this. Super-Extra Thanks to Alexander Wales for writing such an amazing story, and letting me podcast it (psst, you can read his other stuff here!). And thank you all for listening!

SFX: 1940’s Office; Forest Night; drawer; skid; wrecking ball

Intro/Outro – Handlebars, by Flobots
Luthor Manor w Superman – in order: Rex tremendae; (tiny bit of Confutatis)Agnus Dei; Dies Irae, all from Mozart’s Requiem
Luthor Manor w Lois – Nunc Dimittis, by Arvo Pärt